"You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way."

Repetition is usually the popular method to teach and inculcate a specific topic. We at Queen Mary’s School believe that too - except we repeat a topic using different methods. The teachers follow an Integrated Multi-Modal Learning Process which includes:

Textbooks and Reference Books
Audio, Video & Plays
Hands-on Projects

Having emphasized on many aspects of learning and leadership training, we still believe that a sense of discipline and good conduct are an absolute necessity. Be it manners, dress code or interaction with fellow mates, children will be mentored by example and clear guidance. Our efforts will ensure that children grow up disciplined, confident and responsible citizens, while they fearlessly pursue their views and aspirations in life.

Typical education using textbooks, homework and teachers is reinforced with 'seeing' sophisticated examples in videos & computers, and 'feeling and doing' practical projects. While children gain academic excellence, they also develop a 'genuine interest' and 'application' for sciences, mathematics, arts and languages. The learning methods and curricula are interlaced with our Creative and Value-based Learning methods, and Leadership Foundation.

Teachers at Queen Mary’s are known to take an extra mile in teaching. They take personal attention to understand the students and offer personalized help using different techniques and methods to reach out. Extra classes for the senior classes as well as remedial classes for the weaker students are also emphasized.


At Queen Mary’s School, our children meet the demands of the modern world by training in our 'Integrated Leadership Foundation'

Core components of the foundation are:

Cultural events

Our children are taught to learn and appreciate different types of music. They are trained in Eastern as well as Western forms of music from accomplished instructors. Dance and drama workshops are planned throughout the year, giving every child a chance to perform on the stage. We believe conquering stage fear is important to building leadership qualities and confidence to face the world as future leaders. Some of the annual cultural competitions we have every year are

Dance (Classical/western)
Little Miss/ Little Master ( for Nursery section)
Fancy Dress
Debates and Elocution

Through debates and competitions, children will improve their intellectual faculties, gain clarity of thought and expression and ability to think on their feet while boldly facing any level of audience.

Sports events

Our comprehensive programmes have daily sessions which include Mass drill, Games, Yoga, Karate, Pranayama and Meditation. These programmes help children develop health, self-control, mental toughness, flexibility and stamina to excel in sports and games.

Quizzes and Competitions

Children at Queen Mary’s School are exposed to competitions such as, Spelling Bees, Talent Search exams, Math & Science Olympiads, etc., at local level and state levels, to develop a sense of 'competitive spirit' beyond the school boundaries. This helps develop their awareness and knowledge.

Seminars and workshops

The students attend and even conduct seminars and panel discussions on various topics such as “Disaster Management technique: for saving oneself and others”, “Say no to Junk food”, “Global warming”, etc.


Values are what we live by.

At Queen Mary’s School, we incorporate values in every child through Value-based Learning. Your child will grow in an environment that fosters sound values such as compassion, respect for all, and humility among others. Queen Mary’s School focuses on instilling in them a strong set of core values by which they will learn to be grounded and aim to reach the heights. Strong moral and ethical codes are provided to them for the future benefit of the society.

Values of love, compassion, responsibility, respect, competency & individuality
Development of innovativeness, teamwork and credibility
Respecting humanity through the values of dignity, empathy & generosity
Respect for our country's rich heritage and a sense of national pride
The Value-based Learning is imparted through the following methods
Social Service

The children are engaged in NCC, Scouts and Guides, Bulbul, rotary club for children, environmental club, etc where in we expose our children to social service activities through - guest lectures, videos and field visits (for senior classes). Every year, the School, with support from parents, raises funds and donates to orphanages and old-age homes, as part of 'Joy of Giving' programme. Such activities will help to enlighten the children as they grow in the society to be responsible citizens.


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